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The Sacred Trinity

This is a message to all people during these testing times, lately I’ve been receiving the same theme over the last few weeks of my life, this information has been coming up a lot so I have taken note….

Light and dark are part of the whole, both must be recognised as part of the whole of creation and embraced, to let our consciousness see the overall perspective of how these work in combination to create and unfold life itself. Try and integrate this prospective during these times.

The sacred trinity can be described one way as a triangle, geometrically it has three points, when represented with two points at the base and one at the top, the two base points would represent ‘light’ at one side and the ‘dark’ the other (the duality of life), the top point represents the combined whole prospective, this is where we must shift our consciousness to, like a birds eye prospective overseeing these two forces interplaying. This knowledge when understood by all is what our galactic family used to move to the next stage of evolution. This is what we are going through and must use this prospective ourselves and find our own way to integrate this knowledge into our own consciousness as it will shift us into an amazing new paradigm of peace and abundance.

The Yin and Yang symbol are again showing the duality of light and dark which form a circle which encompasses all creation.

It might be a good idea to place these symbols in your house or on your phone screen saver as a reminder as they symbolise peace and acceptance of everything.

The above information may shed a new perspective on the negative connotations around the symbol of the illuminati? It might be beneficial to switch the meaning in our own minds from ‘the few ultra rich at the top controlling the masses below’ to a reminder that ‘we are all capable of having a peaceful perception of life’s duality playing out around us’.


Information from Gaia series ‘Interview with Extra-dimensionals’ Series 1 Episode 23/24

Barbara Lamb –

Reuben Langdon – &


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Mucusless diet healing system

First published in early 1920’s!

So I’ve been looking for a true method of healing from modern diseases for well over 10 years, this has led to researching many things and I do believe I’m now on to something here! I was always confused with supplementation and nutrition requirements, but that all changed, I was following a friend of a friend on social media that was using this system and she managed to avoid surgery for a heart fibrillation which is pretty damn impressive I thought! So I bought the book and straight away I thought ‘this is it’! No supplements, no strange foods just simple fruit and veg with fasting and plain water enemas.

I’ve now done 2 weeks of the ‘transition diet’ and thought I would keep a light blog for future reference which might aid myself and anyone else that chooses to take the same path. I don’t have any major aliments but I do struggle with feeling lethargic quite often and this has been for many years now, so I would use coffee and sugar to overcome with unsatisfying results.

2 weeks in…..

Major dietary changes are; no alcohol, coffee/tea, pasta, processed sugar, beans, and legumes. I already eat vegetarian (organic mainly) and try to stay mainly around whole foods although I definitely do let this slide sometimes. Coffee and pasta was a staple of mine and alcohol was consumed to relax on some evenings. 3 x enemas in so far 😉 and intermediate fasting most day 16/8hrs

Things I’ve found….

16/8 fasting is pretty easy, just skipping breakfast is really all it is, you can still have a lemon, water and honey drink or fresh juice (I’ve also thrown a couple of hot chocolates in with oat milk).

It might of been stopping drinking coffee or a mixture of other things, who knows, but my bowl movements slowed down allot! Enemas are used to help clear the blockages and also natural herb laxative (like senna) can be used to help get things moving at the start (where I still am).

Week 1:- quite good energy.   

Week 2:- mild weakness, heavy legs and tiredness (today this seems to have passed though). Overall:-more consistency of energy be it low or high, less fluctuation so it seems.

I’m already quite a slender chap so I usually try to keep up with some body weight exercises to maintain some muscle mass, I’m hoping this lifestyle change doesn’t mean weight loss!

Week 3….

I’ve stopped the diet as decided not to go immerse fully into it yet…. I slowly transitioned over a couple of days back to my usual food. I was happy with the results after a brief period of doing it and there is still an echo of the protocol in my daily norm now. My energy levels were back up and I was feeling good!