Everything is waves (theory simplified for myself)

The point of this page is to help explain this theory as simply as possible with visuals, it will be a work in progress with continuous updates, any collaboration will be appreciated (go to contact page)!

The current mainstream explanation of observed reality is Matter exists in Space… dare I say this might be incorrect?! Could it be a reality of information creating Waves (that are experienced as matter) in the medium we call Space?

This would lead to another question, where is the information coming from!

Due to my interest in the nature of reality, I would enjoy reading and watching science fact and fiction. The more I would read and watch the more ‘science fact’ didn’t make sense to me…

To move further on this subject one has to understand that science is constantly evolving, therefore it cannot be an absolute fact.

I enjoy exploring scientific theories and ideas but found many of them over complicated, while I find beauty in simplicity (Occam’s razor), which is what I believe is natural to this reality.

For me, an example of absurd thought – Space (where everything resides) is no-thing or nothing

Although we have no way of determining what nothing is, as it is only a word for absence of something. If light and gravity travel and interact through nothing then why does light take time to travel through nothing and gravity increase or reduce at distance through nothing?

Further examples:- Matter is considered 99.999% space (nothing) with bubble like shells of protons, neutrons and electrons (matter) whizzing around in ‘nothing’ with many forces created from itself that interact with other objects of matter that create forces in ‘nothing’ all interacting together???

bubble like shells made of what exactly?

A wave by definition of what we observe is an attribute or quality of something, it is the dynamic movement of energy through a medium? The current theory of light being a ‘virtual particle’ (due to having no mass?) and at the same time a ‘wave’ that travels through nothing? Does not Occam’s razor scream that space must be a medium although difficult to measure as we and everything is made from it?!

Virtual particles flying through nothing?

The Complex creation of ‘Nothing’ problem

The Motion of Discrete Particles in Space and Time is the current consensus of the general scientific establishment, in simplified terms it is can be described as all things (matter) are made of very tiny hollow ball like structures that are physical (they have mass) and these are individual are called particles that are connected to other individual particles by forces in space and time.

The Simple Solution –

The Wave Motion of Space Causes Matter and Time In simplified terms again it can be described as all things are made of wave centers of space, so space is a medium which the waves travel and interact with other waves, the so called particle is where the wave centers occur (standing waves), space standing waves are the apparent or mistaken particle.

Space is a medium with specific properties

One method of approaching the solution would be to imagine space as something that we can reproduce in reality, say for instance how we produce a Virtual Reality (VR) computer game, the visual objects / characters can experience each other and interact in that program and we use a visual screen / wearable glasses and vibrating gloves to interact for ourselves, now I have to go out on a limb and say that as we refine these VR computer games we would maybe be able to enter a room within our usual medium and produce holographic objects that we can touch and interact with so becoming a dimension interacting within another dimension.

Light is a wave created by energy (expansion/contraction movement) in the medium, think of dropping a stone into a pond and the waves rippling out (but in 3 dimensions!)

Energy compressing and contracting in space

Further break down – The wave center appears like a real particle as it is oscillating (like a wave in water 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (one billion trillion) times a second due to the frequency of the waves (frequency of the electron used) in the medium of space and this is what we call time. Think of a film you watch, it is a picture that is flashed before your eyes 24 times per second (frame rate) which gives the impression it is a continuous movement on a 2 dimensional screen) so like a film reality does this much much quicker and in a 3 dimensional medium.

What causes the waves?

This is where the existence of other dimensions and a creator (or operator of operating system for atheists) comes into play. More to come on this….

More on waves

Lets begin with how a single standing wave would look (remember a single standing wave of space can not exist on its own!), I’ve copied over a 2 & 3 dimensional drawings and animations from spaceandmotion.com which I will add to these in the future.

2 dimensional section cut through animation of central standing wave oscillating between compression and expansion with longitudinal waves projecting outward and inward
3 dimensional drawing of standing wave in the center and longitudinal waves projecting outward and inward
This is what it is thought the combination of waves of apparent particles in the space would look like (standing waves).

Work In Progress….

What the waves look like, wave animations of matter, charge, magnetism and gravity at play:

How wave interactions remove the need for particle fields.

Background Space and Matter and the Flower of Life.

Time concept matches channeled information.

Linking sound waves to the quantum space waves.

Ideas on methods to neutralize gravity.