Bring a new energy source to Earth

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I’m looking to bring into existence a new type of electricity generating device that uses no moving parts and has unlimited fuel source.

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With the latest media coverage on UFO disclosure it’s a great time to touch on this subject, my belief is that Extra Terrestrial / Extra Dimensional craft and life forms have always been here and are part of the evolution of the planet, and they’re involved in many ways for many reasons. Personally I’ve had a handful of UFO encounters starting from when I was about 17.

After getting into meditation and learning more about frequencies and the mind and how to shift into other states of consciousness, I believe I have been able to have some ideas / “downloads” from extra dimensional beings that have aided me with my expanding knowledge of reality and energy devices and how they work. I believe they want to encourage humanity because they are keen to help  Earth reach a higher frequency as a collective, because in turn this affects the frequency of the Universe as a whole and this shift in consciousness is where we are at the moment, ready for the next stage of our evolution.

While in bed on Winter Solstice evening I had a download for a “free energy” device, that I call the Light Transformer! I built the core of the Light Transformer device a few years ago after the initial download, but new additions to the family and 9-5 work commitments put things on hold. I’ve moved from my usual paid work to find the time to work on my passions and therefore am focussing my energy into finishing the build and test in my workshop (the garage!) at home. Please see the main blue prints for this device and some photos of the build so far in the gallery thumbnails on this page.

What does the Light Transformer mean for humanity? If this device is built and works, it could eventually replace centralised large power stations including the pylons, cables and infrastructure that comes with them that are needed to get power. Instead we would have a small domestic ‘light transformer’ device to power each home, or a larger shared one to power a community. After the initial cost of the device there would be minimal further costs because the device doesn’t need fuel, the only costs would be possible maintenance of the materials that make the device, which would be low because the device has no moving parts, therefore unlikely to need much servicing. Without the need for stripping the planet of it’s natural resources for fuel, the Earth will be able to start healing itself from many years of industrial damage and the effect that has had.

If £5000 is reached I will work through and complete milestone 1, providing weekly updates on my website blog (expected time 2 months).

If the full target of £9000 is reached I will complete both milestones 1 and 2. Providing weekly updates on my website blog (total expected time 3-4 months).

Milestone 1: Complete the prototype build


1. 7 No. Laminated legs to be clamped / fixed together, primary bobbins to be constructed and fixed to laminated legs

2. Laminated legs to be laser or water cut to correct dimension

4. 1 x primary leg to be temporary wound with enamelled copper, clamped to centre core and tested with variable transformer to determine max flux density of 430 stainless steel with non-standard core configuration.

5. All 7 primary coils wound on each laminated leg, (will determine best method for this).

6. Centre core bobbin to be constructed and wound

7. Whole unit to be assembled together with wooden frame

Milestone 2: Testing of the prototype

1. Test with various standard electrical testing equipment of power in compared to power out.

2. Further detailed analysis of input and output waveforms with oscilloscope.

3. Conclusion of devise performance.

Thank you!!!

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