Projects in progress

The Light Cell

This new water based technology in the form of a pendant is just about to be birthed to the world when it would seem it is needed most. For those who seek protection from electromagnetic smog including frequencies under the label ‘5th generation’ by improving their own immune system, and to aid our personal evolution in these testing times. Click here for more

The Light Transformer

Slowly getting built in the garage. Click here to see blueprint and photos.

I would like to find out if Geoff Hasselhurst / Milo Wolff theory on Wave Structure of Matter can solve the faraday paradox?! TBC…



Venturi Wind Turbine

Using wind power for micro domestic electricity generation has its draw backs, Here I’m trying to resolve some of the issues and hopefully make something that works! Click here for more

Brushless multi-winding Homopolar Generator

Michael Farady invented the first ever generator / motor and that was only one of his achievements been one of the greatest scientific pioneers that ever lived! This type of motor generator inherently had some problems which made it be more of a research machine rather than a production line motor….. maybe a higher voltage pure DC motor is possible!? Click here for more

Chi accumulators

Certain geometries that contain the golden ratio might accumulate a certain subtle energy that has many names here are some….Chi (or Qi), Prana, Life force, and Torsion, this is an exploration into this mystical energy. Tba…