The ‘Light Cell’ Radiation Harmonising Pendant

Here for your family’s health

With ever increasing man made radiation within our home and outdoor environment, there is a need to protect ourselves energetically, radiation protection jewellery is one of the solutions for these testing times.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified the waves emitted from your mobile phone as ‘possibly carcinogenic’. Invisible yet omnipresent, protection from harmful waves is essential.

The Light Cell and Light Cell Mini are energetic activations as well as protection and healing device. Being someone that meditates on a regular basis, I sometimes have what seems like information from a part of my subconscious mind or maybe from another source of consciousness (I will mention here that I am familiar with the concept of humans being able to channel other universal energies and / or beings, and I’m open to this possibility). One morning I woke up to a voice that said ‘we need you to do something’, not knowing what that meant or was exactly, over the next few weeks I followed some intuitive ideas through meditation, applied my engineering knowledge and eventually the Light Cell design started to take shape.

The Light Cell pendants protect you from electromagnetic radiation, aids the body to move into a healing state and support your personal ascension process. It does all this via our bioelectric field. For more detailed information on what the bioelectric field is, how the pendant interacts with it and the more in-depth workings of the pendant please scroll down to the ‘Light Cell Technology‘ section below.

Be assured that you are protected, the Light Cells has been tested rigorously by several pioneering natural health practitioners and has shown to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, and this state is maintained while in close proximity to mobile phone radiation sources.

I recommend that children wear the Light Cell Mini on an ankle, wrist, or even pinned onto clothing, the full effect of protection is maintained wearing it this way.


The first trials were performed by a pioneering natural health practitioner using a comprehensive testing method with the test subject using a 5G mobile phone, the results came back positive that the Light Cell gave full protection.

Over time more and more testing has been carried out by other health practitioners and so far all the feedback has been positive, with these people now adding the Light Cell to their health tool kit for their own clients. See a list of links below to health practitioners that recommend the Light Cells:

Home | Cheryl ART (

Home – Medicine Of The Future

Home – Judy Rocher Health Clinic

Note for people with severe Electro Hypersensitivity (EHS)

After the latest testing (15.11.2021) it was discovered that the people will severe EHS may not be protected by the Light Cell, at present only three people with server EHS have been tested, and of those one was fully protected by the Light Cell and the other two it had no effect on. So with this information, at present, I can only recommend that people with severe EHS that are looking to get a harmoniser should take a test with a recommended health practitioner from the above list before purchasing any harmonising products.


“Wearing the light cell prevents the ‘buzzy’ feeling and tiredness experienced when travelling or in a high EMR environment. Muscle testing shows it performs as well as more expensive devices.” – Eve, health practitioner

“I recently bought a Light Cell from Steven. I wear it all the time and feel so much better, I used to feel fatigued when I used technology and all that has gone away. I highly recommend” – Anna

“Thank you very much for my sacred pendant, it’s been nearly a week wearing it and already feeling the good benefits of it. When I’m wearing it l feel energetic as before l used to feel weary, sometimes l was experiencing anxiety but l feel like I’m now back to life. I feel some kind of positive energy and it’s good for my mood, l don’t feel stressed. 
When it comes to my phone l used to feel chest pains if l stay longer on the phone but now l don’t feel any, l don’t feel exhausted like before or chest pains. The pendant gave me some type of balance and I’m thankful to Richard who introduced me to your website”
– Mayee

I have been wearing the pendant for a few weeks now and I felt immediately a change in my body and consciousness. First I felt that I could somehow breath better and secondly I also felt more relaxed and at ease. Its a beautiful designed little pendant and I can only recommend it to anyone who is looking for some protection from this 5G Radiation” – Julie

Independent recommendation

Here is a link to a website that has recommends the Light Cell

Light Cell care

Do not wear the Light Cell in the bath or shower, some people have reported problems with the resin coming away from the copper or brass plate, I have found that this issue occurs due to continues exposure to warm or hot water, please remove before bathing.

Some people have reported discolouration of the copper back plate, copper oxidisation occurs naturally over time but will not reduce the harmonising effect of the pendant.

I recommend not using a metallic chain if you need to replace the cord, any natural cord type material is good.


Please click here or the photo below to go to the shop to order a Light Cell or Light Cell Mini.

Light Cell Technology

The Light Cell interacts with the human bioelectric field when it is been worn. There are fundamentally two discs (brass and copper) that have a natural electrical gradient (potential difference/voltage) which create an electric field around the Light Cell, see below picture.

Two green lines represent the metal discs (the gap in between has been accentuated) showing the electric field between discs, and the continuation of the field around the outside of the discs.

These discs mimic the inner and outer electrical gradient of a human cell membrane, between the discs is a thin layer of water, this mimics the main body of a human cell. The water layer has been wiped of memory and then my partner and I programme the water with certain beneficial frequencies to harmonise and heal the body.

Expanding on this further a little…. one of the frequencies the harmoniser is tuned to is a harmonic of the earths fundamental frequency, which it then tunes the wearer to.

Photos of original setup – water in test tube programmed with specific frequencies from computer signal generator software and then human intention.

The water is naturally shielded from external electromagnetic radiation / information (smog) inherently by the two discs that the Light Cell is made of. When the Light Cell is worn, its electric field merges with your bioelectric field and the beneficial information is passed from the Light Cell to the wearer.

Visualisation of the human body’s electric field

So if you are someone that enjoys science and want a better understanding of the bold statements mentioned in the above text about the Light Cell workings, watch this documentary on the Noble Prize winning biologist Luc Montagnier and his amazing work in this field.


See the below references for health implications associated with mobile phone use and other radiation devices

The Lancets publication

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